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Blog :: 12-2013

Things to Do in Boston over Break

It's that time of the year again that loved ones gather together to celebrate the holidays. In Boston, there is a wealth of things to do when enjoying the winter break with friends and family. Our agents at The Charles Realty have come up with of fun Boston activities to do over break, take a look at the list:

Ice Skating: There are numerous outdoor ice skating rink in Boston, and most places have incredible views of the city making the experience even more special.

Visit a Museum and/or the Aquarium: Boston one of the most cultured and historically rich cities in America. From full size fish tanks to larger-than-life installations, Boston has it all:

Go Sledding: Provided there's enough snow during break, sledding is fun winter break activity for everyone. From golf courses to parks there are a vast array of hills for sledding in Boston.

  • Flagstaff Hill on Boston Common (near the baseball diamond)
  • The Bowl in Boston next to Jamaica Pond
  • Larz Anderson Park in Brookline
  • Weld Hill at Arnold Arboretum, corner of Walter and South streets in Roslindale
  • Cory Hill Park in Brookline
  • Dorchester Park off Adams Street in Dorchester
  • Spy Pond Park in Arlington

First Night Boston: A perfect way to celebrate New Year's is spending it at First Night Boston, where the festivities begin at 10 A.M. on New Year's Eve and ends with an unforgettable firework show at the stroke of midnight. First Night Boston features various activities for all ages including: family festivals, evening performances, outdoor events, and cultural/museum institution shows.

For more information on things to do over break in Boston, feel free to message our Rental Agents directly at our new rentals Facebook page, Newbury Rentals or check out our site!


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Why Buying a Home is like Watching the 2013-14 Patriots

No one has ever said buying a home is an easy process, and the same goes for watching this year's New England Patriots. Both have ups and downs, yet somehow everything works out in the end. Both buying a home and following the Patriots provide an emotional roller-coaster filled with not only plenty of frustration, anger, but also moments of pure joy. Here's a rundown quarter by quarter on what it's like to buy a home and watch the Patriots.

First Quarter: A lot of pregame preparation has been put in and now kickoff is underway and you're awaiting to play the game called the housing market. Like watching the Patriots you start off with high hopes that you get off to a good start and secure what you're looking for. In most games this year the Patriots get off to a frustratingly slow start, similar when buying a home.

Second Quarter: Okay off to a slow start, but there's still plenty of time to work something out. Yet often times the second quarter is filled with just as much frustration as the first. When all hope is nearly lost in the first half, there is a moment of hope right before halftime.

Third Quarter: Following the first half of events you come out strong to start the second. Now is the time to buckle down and get to work so you start making the progress needed for a strong closing. Despite making steps forward you are still not at your goal. Then comes the nerve racking, stress induced fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter: It's now or never to make something happen. Anyone that's watched the Patriots this year or have bought a home know to never give up because when you have a Tom Brady or a great realtor everything will work out in the end. The Patriots will come out with a win and you will end up with the home you were looking for. So no matter what happens, you never give up on the Patriots and the housing market.

For more information on buying a home, feel free to contact our Sales Agents through email!

Reasons to Consider January 1st Rentals

2014 is upon us, and with it comes numerous lease openings in the Boston area. While people may find many reasons not to rent, but in today's day and age renting is something that should considered for the New Year. Below the Newbury Rentals team has come up with some reasons to consider rentals on January 1st.

More financially safe than owning a home

The economy has greatly influenced the housing market, and now is a better time than ever to rent. One of the largest costs avoided when renting is the mortgage. Not only is the cost of a mortgage avoided, but also the stress of large payments or having to remortgage. Other big costs avoided are property taxes, Homeowners Associate fees (doesn't apply to all), and homeowners insurance.

In addition, when renting you avoid the responsibilities of buying or selling a home. Another upside to renting is that it allows for people to save up money, pay off loans, and spend money elsewhere. In some cases renters today are renting more than one home allowing for them to have a vacation spot.

Access to urban conveniences

The majority of rentals are found in urban areas, which usually means everything is in a mile. Many necessities are within walking distances in urban areas. Not only are there numerous stores within a close proximity, but also many stores in cities cannot be found in suburban areas.

Some rentals have luxuries

Many luxury buildings and apartment complexes offer a pool, gym, and other amenities. It can come in handy especially in the cold winter months when any imaginable luxury is accessible right in your own building.

Less upkeep

There is far less upkeep involved when renting. Someone else does all the repairs when renting, a landlord or someone they hire will take care of repairs and replacements. When something breaks and it's in the contract that the landlord will fix it, then they are required to do so.

Social scene

When more than one tenant are living under the same roof, rentals themselves become great places for a social life. Rentals in urban areas are also close to some of the best nightlife spots, including bars, clubs, and restaurants.

For more information on rentals, feel free to message our Rental Agents directly at our new rentals Facebook page, Newbury Rentals or check out our site!


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Easy Holiday Home D├ęcor Ideas That Anyone Can Try!

The week after Thanksgiving marks that time of the year to begin decorating for the holidays. After all the money spent towards gifts on days like Black Friday, and Cyber Monday finding the money for decorations can be difficult so below are some inexpensive decoration ideas. Our knowledgeable agents have put together a list of tips and ideas for setting up quaint holiday decorations:

Use candles and scents: An excellent and fairly inexpensive way to liven up a home is to add lighting and scents through candles (plug-in scents are a great option as well). Scents such as cinnamon, peppermint, and evergreen help add holiday aroma. Another way to bring in the holiday scents while being decorative is the use of potpourri. Placing potpourri in a festive bowl or vase can help liven up any area of a room.

Decorate the mantle: For those with a fireplace, the mantle is the ideal place to showcase your prized holiday decorations. No matter the holiday, there is always something that can be done with the mantle. For Christmas, hanging up the stockings, placing garland, and placing a wreath are a few of many options. On the mantle, setting up mangers or Christmas scenes will be an eye-catching addition to your holiday decor.  For Hanukkah, what better place than the mantle to display a menorah where everyone can see it.

Make the front door stand out: Many people go with a traditional wreath, but there are many other inexpensive ways to make the front door shine. Creating your own wreath out of everyday materials including foods, burlap, and other cloths is a cheap and different take on a traditional wreath. One other option for the front door is to hang ornaments or bells on the knocker for a classy, yet festive display. Also making use of nature such as, using pine cones or pine branches with some ribbons is a fun way to decorate the door for the creative type of person.

Use wrapping paper: Using wrapping paper is a simple and fun way to dress up any room with the holiday vibe. For artwork or mirrors in the house simply highlight them by adding wrapping paper, ribbons or bows.

For more information on holiday decoration ideas, feel free to message our Rental Agents directly at our new rentals Facebook page, Newbury Rentals!


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