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Blog :: 06-2012

More Developments in Boston!

We've been pretty excited about the news of all the construction and projects here in Boston. Our last post briefly summarized some of the future projects in Boston and here's yet another one! Well...actually this one is an old project that was never completed, in fact it never truly began. Supposedly there are plans (which were originally revealed back in 2006) in place to build Boston's tallest tower. This would take the place of the John Hancock Tower as the tallest building in the city and in New England. At 1000 ft tall in the Financial District this building would most likely house plenty of offices and businesses looking for a change of real estate.

Entrepreneur, Steve Belkin, originally proposed these plans back in 2006 and was met with great praise from the entire city. Then in 2008 the plans just seemed to fall to the wayside as the economy took a dip. All of a sudden these plans appear to be back on track and and the developers are planning to continue with construction although there may be a reduction in the size of the project it is still expected to be about 20 stories taller than the Hancock Tower. No doubt that this is major news for the city.

I thought this was some fairly exciting news for the area and I just wanted to pass it along! Boston could really have a new look within the next 5 to 10 years!

Boston is a hot place for developers and business

New Seaport Towers!

Something that is often taken for granted in Boston is the fact that it is constantly on the cutting edge of technology and business. Developers and architects get creative in this crowded city, making buildings fit where you never expected them and creating real masterpieces. Not to mention the little town just over the bridge with some halfway decent schools, otherwise known as Cambridge which is home to Harvard and MIT. The large number of colleges generate great innovation and plenty of start up businesses for college interns and recent grads.

Google is building new offices in Kendall Square, supposedly their second largest office next to their head quarters. There's no doubt that this will certainly give the area a bit of a new look and generate even more jobs!

We've also talked about the exciting Millennium Towers that are expected on Washington Street at the site of the old Filenes. This could bring a real high end feel to that part of Washington Street and compliment the Financial District.

There have been talks of changing the name of the Financial District to give it a newer more modern feel. This city is certainly looking to make changes, possibly a way to revive itself from the great recession and continue moving forward.

Today was also the ground breaking for the Seaport Towers which are expected to draw more retailers after completion of the large super market that is to be included at the ground level of the tower.

These are just a few of the projects going on in the Boston area and there's certainly more on the way and more being worked on!


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Reflecting on the Real Estate Market

I was just reading an old blog post from last year, written by Kathryn, the former marketing director here at The Charles Realty, and wow how the real estate market has changed! In just a year the market has completely flipped itself. The old post was suggesting that home owners try renting out their homes or that those that would typically try to buy, try to rent a home instead.  Now we're encouraging those who typically rent to buy!

Just last year nothing was moving, no one wanted to buy or sell. Everything kind of seemed to be at a stand still but over the past few months that has changed drastically!

Right now is the time for buying and selling! There are plenty of buyers out there looking for homes and they're grabbing them quickly! Many who would typically rent are even buying because they know this is the opportune time.  There's no doubt that the economy is still struggling and the real estate market is just now beginning to bounce back but it's at the best we've seen in a long time!

Honestly this is the best time to buy, the best we've seen in well over a year. Homes in Boston are going left and right. It's been fun to compare and contrast this year with last!


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Prime Time for Real Estate

Again for the third month in a row property values are on the rise. Zillow released their monthly report and everything is looking good for both buyers and sellers. As property values rise sellers can get more money for their homes as they move on to bigger and better things and buyers will be getting a home that is still gaining value.  In the end the home may be worth considerably more a year down the road if the market continues with these trends (which appears to be the case). So right now regardless of whether you're buying or selling you can't be afraid to just jump in and find the right place for you! Real estate is hot right now so take this summer to make investments your won't regret!


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Keeping it cool...event when it's hot

We're expected to have a couple of days this coming week where the thermometer will be touching 90 or higher and in a city like Boston this weather can be mighty uncomfortable. Living on the second, third, fourth, or 25th floor can be pretty miserable in the heat but we've gathered some tips about air conditioning and other ways to keep cool in the dog days of summer.

1. Air conditioning is wonderful but just be careful when installing units in windows.  Many apartment buildings and condos require that the landlord or condo association approve of your air conditioning units.  Often times you must actually have them install the units if you don't already have central air or some other cooling system.  Make sure to contact whoever necessary to have everything installed properly and before the heat really hits.

2. When you leave for work in the morning close the curtains and draw the shades, and keep all the lights off.  Keeping the beaming sunlight out can make all the difference. Make sure windows and doors are closed tight. Try to keep as much of the cool air in and the heat out. At night after the sun has set and the air cools a bit open up your home again and keep the fresh air circulating.

3. When you're not using your desk top computer shut it down. Computers give off a great deal of heat and shutting them off not only saves energy, it also can make a big difference in smaller spaces when it comes to the tempurature. It's a simple fix that can really affect the temperature.

4. Air conditioning is the most basic thing when it comes to keeping your home cool but try to remember to get an energy efficient unit that will save your electric bill from jumping sky high.

5. Ceiling fans may not always be the prettiest fixture in a home but they do make some stylish ones and they can really help fend off the heat.  Just keeping a slow turning ceiling fan going can cool down a space and create a comforting breeze that keeps the air flow going.

6. Make sure to maintain your air conditioners and keep them clean.  They'll run far more efficiently, costing you less money while keeping your space just a little bit cooler.


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There's a new project in town!

As you may have already heard about or wondered about over the past seven or eight years, there is construction and rebuilding happening at the site of the old Filene's on Washington Street here in Boston. What you may not know are the details of the project and this week's big announcement regarding the newest Boston development.  After years of being on hold it was announced that a new developer, Millennium Partners, will be taking over the project and building a 600 foot tower, on track to become the fourth tallest building in Boston.

The Burnham Building, Filene's original store, will also be incorporated into the modern building.  The company plans to restore the building and keep the history as a part of the site. This doesn't mean that there won't be major changes however! The group plans on also including a 525 car underground parking garage and 500 units.  This new plan is several stories taller than the original developer had in their plans, but now Millennium Partners, also the developer of the Ritz Carlton, has stepped in and they're not looking back. Look out for these condos on the market in the next few years!


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198 West Springfield

Here's a beautiful new home on the market!  Located in the upper South End this home offers true Victorian elegance with detailed moldings, marble mantel, maple floors, and soaring ceilings.  With one bedroom and a full bath, this home has plenty of possibilities.  A bump out and sunny bow-windows offer the opportunity for a nook area, an office space, a more separate dining area, or even expanding to a 1+ bedroom. Air conditioning pet friendly, and more importantly roof  and deck access complete this South End home!

For more information contact Betsy Herald or visit


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Twin Ash Farms, Sudbury, MA

Today we're straying a bit away from the townhouses and brownstones and looking at a more local famous home right in Sudbury.  This is the Twin Ash Farm, not too far outside the city but far enough to be separated from everything. It is the old Willow homestead, built in 1763 on almost 2 acres of land.

The home includes a 480 sq. foot barn and a four bedroom, three bathroom farmhouse.  This is plenty of space for any outdoor or indoor activity, the property also includes stone walls and an in-ground swimming pool.

Our own Betsy Herald just represented the buyer in this soon to be sold home.  The buyers intend to maintain and continue upkeep in this beautiful colonial home and keep it in its antique state with basic renovations!


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Social Media Buzz

I just want to remind everyone that The Charles Realty exists all over the internet and not just on this blog or our website but across a few different social media platforms.  Below are links to all our social media and don't be afraid to share or follow us anywhere!


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We love to hear your thoughts and read your comments and see your likes.  Don't be afraid to repin our pins, comment on our facebook posts, tweet at us, do whatever you want! We want to hear from YOU!


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Now is the Time to Buy!

Last week I wrote a post about why right now is the time to sell but there's also a lot out there to support the buyers side of things as well! Zillow announced today that property values are going up as seen by the national average of a 1.6% raise in rent over the past couple months.  This may seem intimidating as a buyer as the prices on homes rise but in actuality this is great news! This means that a home you buy now could already be worth more within a month or two. This isn't a time to hesitate, it's a time to buy what you see and what you like.

Beyond the rising property values mortage rates are dropping according to an article from VP and chief economist for Freddie Mac, Frank Nothaft, put it in simple terms saying, "Compared to a year ago, rates on 30-year fixed mortgage rates are almost 0.9 percentage points lower which translates into nearly $1,200 less in annual payments on a $200,000 loan."

Essentially as property values rise and your home is worth more, you are paying some of the lowest mortgage rates in over a year.  So you're paying less while you home is worth more! That's not such a bad deal at all.  So if you have even started to consider buying now is the time to do it! Don't be afraid to look around and get a feel for the market, see what kind of prices are out there and then move quickly! Homes are going fast because a lot of people know it's ideal to buy, so look around and don't hesitate when you find a home you like!


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