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Why Buying a Home is like Watching the 2013-14 Patriots

No one has ever said buying a home is an easy process, and the same goes for watching this year's New England Patriots. Both have ups and downs, yet somehow everything works out in the end. Both buying a home and following the Patriots provide an emotional roller-coaster filled with not only plenty of frustration, anger, but also moments of pure joy. Here's a rundown quarter by quarter on what it's like to buy a home and watch the Patriots.

First Quarter: A lot of pregame preparation has been put in and now kickoff is underway and you're awaiting to play the game called the housing market. Like watching the Patriots you start off with high hopes that you get off to a good start and secure what you're looking for. In most games this year the Patriots get off to a frustratingly slow start, similar when buying a home.

Second Quarter: Okay off to a slow start, but there's still plenty of time to work something out. Yet often times the second quarter is filled with just as much frustration as the first. When all hope is nearly lost in the first half, there is a moment of hope right before halftime.

Third Quarter: Following the first half of events you come out strong to start the second. Now is the time to buckle down and get to work so you start making the progress needed for a strong closing. Despite making steps forward you are still not at your goal. Then comes the nerve racking, stress induced fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter: It's now or never to make something happen. Anyone that's watched the Patriots this year or have bought a home know to never give up because when you have a Tom Brady or a great realtor everything will work out in the end. The Patriots will come out with a win and you will end up with the home you were looking for. So no matter what happens, you never give up on the Patriots and the housing market.

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