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Blog :: 2015

Tuesday Tip - 3 Reasons to Sell Your Home in January

There was once a time when only the most desperate of sellers would list their home in January.  And for good reason - cold weather means less traffic at open houses, people are still getting themselves situated after the chaos of the holidays, and homes have much less curb appeal without blooming flowers and growing grass.  But, and it's a [...]

Tuesday Tip - 13 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winter is on it's way, and with it will come frigid temperatures, gusts of wind and biting storms, not to mention astronomical heating bills.  Heating costs are expected to be lower this year than they were last Winter, but will still be a considerable expense for those living in New Enlgand.  So, now is the time to make repairs that will [...]

Tuesday Tip - 4 Reasons Not to Overprice Your Home

When selling your home, one of the most important, and hardest, decisions you will make is how to price it.  Many people want to test the market and see if they get lucky with a buyer whose desperate to live in their neighborhood.  Others have lived in the home for many years and have a nostalgic attachment that makes them unrealistic about [...]

Tuesday Tip - Wallpapering 101

Good news for pattern lovers and those looking for new ways to add a little flare to their home, wallpaper has made a comeback!  BUT, just because wallpaper is all the rage in the here and now, doesn't mean that it will be here to stay or that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.    So, it's critical to be thoughtful about the pattern and [...]

Tuesday Tip - The 3 Best Home Improvement Projects for a $5,000 Budget

Awhile back, we wrote a post about the best places to invest $10,000 if you're remodeling.  Today's Tuesday Tip offers three good home improvement suggestions if you have half of that budget.  It comes to us from AOL Real Estate, and focuses on serious functional and aesthetic upgrades that can be made for only $5,000.

For more ideas on how to add value to your home and make it a more functional living space, feel free to reach out to our [...]

Tuesday Tip - 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Which Boston Neighborhood to Call Home

Last October, we wrote this blog post about the importance of selecting the right Boston neighborhood to call home.  As we mentioned, they all have distinctive attributes, and some characteristics that one home buyer might find charming will be the same things that turn another buyer off.  So, we've put together this list of 5 questions you [...]

Tuesday Tip - How to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning

Summer is starting to wind down, but that doesn't mean all of the sweltering days are behind us for the year.  Today's Tuesday Tip offers 10 Hacks for Living Without AC, and it comes to us from AOL Real Estate.  Summer in the city can be tough without the reprieve of air conditioning, but hopefully these tips will help you stay cool!

For more tips on city living, and for general real estate information, feel free to reach out to our [...]