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Blog :: 06-2011

How to make your Listing Sell

The keys to selling a property efficiently and for the best price in today's real estate market are sometimes tricky. Today, you are competing with foreclosure and short sale prices in addition to every other home for sale (not to mention for rent).  In my opinion, 2 main ingredients are necessary on top of competitive and aggressive pricing [...]

Rents going up, up, and up.

As many brokers and tenants seeking units have noticed, rents are on the rise and available units are on the low. It is the laws of basic business: low supply+high demand=high prices. Landlords have been recognizing larger potential earnings from their units and 5-10+% increases haven't been unheard of. After seeing much of this first hand [...]

Color Meanings

So recently I have become addicted to the site Shelter Pop. It's like HGTV mixed with E!/People Magazine... but online! It's great. I've been learning a lot.

One of my favorite articles is here. I know I have written a lot about color and adding some design pizazz to your space using color (either in the form or paint, or a rug, vases, [...]

Tornadoes at Home

Recently I posted about the devastating and fatal tornadoes that demolished cities in Oklahoma and four other southern states.

Last night, Massachusetts got its taste of tornadoes, and the damage is unparalleled next to what the Northeast is accustomed to. Again, has a really gripping photo album of some of the destruction, and I [...]

Is it Really Time for Magic-Makers?

Recently I watched a documentary on the History Channel about the dust bowl during the Great Depression, called Black Blizzards. I learned that when a town was desperate enough for rain its officials would gather everyone's last pennies and spend them on self-proclaimed 'rain-makers.' These 'rain-makers' would come to town and use different [...]