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Blog :: 03-2011

What's new for the Waterfront?

Between Boston Harbor and the Rose Kennedy Greenway, sit the Harbor Towers. A gorgeous pair of high-rise developments, home to 624 residential units - from one-bedroom homes to gloriously spacious penthouses, the stunning views and ideal location of these towers makes them an excellent option for people looking to live in Boston.

Over the past year or two there have been rumors of another tower to be built over the garage between Harbor Towers and The Aquarium. The garage itself has been called an eyesore, but do we really need to add another large development to the already bursting skyline above the Greenway? Especially after the Atlantic Warf (which I'll talk about later) was just build a few blocks away.

Donald J. Chiofaro, developer of International Place, had asked the city for permission to develop the space above the garage. His proposal was denied early last year. "The Boston Redevelopment Authority, and the secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ian Bowles, said, "The proposed project [was] at such wide variance from the applicable state and local permitting requirements currently in force that it simply cannot be constructed as currently designed.""* However, Chiofaro who has a history of being effective at overcoming zoning restrictions (as evidenced by International Place) came back in the fall of last year with a proposal for a smaller building development over the garage. His newer, smaller proposal was quickly dismissed.

More information on the details of the proposal and the rejection can be found here, an article by CommonWealth.

While it looks like a development on the garage between the Aquarium and Harbor Towers is not going to come to fruition (at lease not with out a Chiofaro winning a huge negotiation), recently, Boston got its newest skyscraper only a block and a half away!

On the corner of Atlantic Ave and Congress St, sits a new glass walled residential tower called The Atlantic Warf. It will be the last large-scale building built on the downtown side of the city's waterfront for some time. "Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino last year moved to restrict the size of buildings along the new Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, just inland from the channel and waterfront."** This is why Chiofaro is having difficulties.

The goal is to, "transform the Fort Point Channel into a contemporary waterfront with residences, restaurants, boating tours, and cultural institutions." **  Therefore, The Atlantic Warf is now going to be home to not only hip residents but also retail and restaurant space. It announced in January of this year that it will be housing a new Smith & Wollensky. Don't worry though; the restaurant is not giving up its current location on Arlington Street.

What have you heard about the Waterfront development? And, what would you like to see for the future of it? I'd love to know!



Atlantic Lofts

An exciting new building by Boston's South Station, "717 Atlantic Lofts is a conversion of a turn of the century Leather District Warehouse. The Leather district of Boston is home to many loft style buildings which provide owners with open floor plans to truly customize their style of living.  717 Atlantic Lofts features loft condos with high terracotta ceilings and large windows which draw in enormous amounts of sunlight. Most of these homes came as shells and have been completely customized so every unit is different."

Parking is an option in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood is up and coming. With tons of dining and nightlife options, this is truly a gem. What are your favorite spots in the South End?


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Boston Real Estate in the Movies...and free parking!

As we all know, with the passing of Elizabeth Taylor yesterday we lost a true legend in Hollywood.  Boston was truly blessed to not only watch her on our local movie screens but to see her grace  Boston's theatre stage.  This is just one early example of Boston's ties with Hollywood.  But never before has the city been so highlighted in Hollywood then in recent years.   The Town, The Fighter, The Departed, The Women, The Social Network, 21, Knight and Day, to name just a few.  Take the good with the bad, the scenes in recent movies, haven't always been so favorable, but all in all movie goers have gained a wonderful appreciation for the architecture of Boston's Back Bay and South End classic brownstones and cafes, the sweeping views of the Charles River, of  Cambridge and Harvard's famous campus, the charming streets of Charlestown and the bustling streets of South Boston.  And of course, who can forget the insider sneak peaks at Fenway Park during The Town.   If you have walked the Back Bay, South End, Cambridge, Downtown Boston, Charlestown, South Boston, the Waterfron and the Fenway, in the last few years, you were bound to run into the equipment, wardrobe and catering trucks as well as those non-sensical directional signs pointing the way to set.  All creating quite the buzz in our small often underappreciated city.

Thanks to Hollywood's latest "IT" guy and Boston bad boy turned legend-in-the making, Mark Wahlberg, we have a new movie coming to Boston's South End.  This movie, set to film here in May, is a Seth McFarlane creation about a man whose teddy bear comes alive due to a wish made during his childhood.  Wahlberg and Black Swan star Mila Kunis star in this movie.  The scenes will be shot in and around Chandler and St. Charles streets.  Areas around Columbus Ave, Clarendon St/Appleton St/Berkeley St, will be blocked off for film equipment.

But don't worry residents...Hollywood is picking up your parking bill...just look for flyers to be passed out before filming.  If only they would have supplied parking during the blizzards.

Lola is Alive

An unbelievable story!

Monday of this week, a puppy was found alive after being left for dead in the wreckage of house fire on February 23. The puppy, Lola, was discovered when the tenant came back to the property on Monday after her landlord asked her to turn off an alarm in a vehicle in parked in the driveway.

Lola was able to find enough food and water at the site to survive on her own. When discovered under pieces of plywood, she was skinnier than before but overjoyed to be reunited with her mommy. Lola is now at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, and @MspcaAngell on Twitter has instuctions on how to donate to help this amazing pup's recovery.

Pictures can be seen here:



Green is our Favorite Color!

A few things have happened recently: 1. St. Patrick's Day and 2. The first day of spring

I would like to combine these two, and talk about spring cleaning... green style.

First, who has good green spring cleaning tips or ideas?? I've been researching it for the past couple of days, and I think that pretty much are you need to spring clean greenly is a few simple things:

1. newspaper

2. baking soda

3. water

4. white vinegar

With a combination of these ingredients, you can clean just about anything from windows to drains. water+vinegar+newspaper=clean windows, baking soda+water=cleared drains, sparkly countertops and tile. Sprinkling baking soda on your carpet and then vacuuming it up eliminates weird carpet odors.

If you are not into home brewed recipes, then you should know that there are green cleaning products available at stores. I am sure that this is common knowledge, but it is good to be aware of.

Aside from being environmentally responsible, perks of spring cleaning include:

- you can get your kids involved!

- avoid toxic fumes inside your home.

Good luck with your green spring clean!


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5 Things to do with bubble wrap after you move

*Recycle It* If your city won't pick it up curbside, donate it to your nearest mailbox store. *Mail It* It will come in handy the next time you need to ship something fragile. You can even make your own padded envelopes with it. *Insulate* To get rid of those drafty windows cut a piece of bubble wrap to the exact size of the window. Spray a film of water on the window with a spray bottle. Apply the bubble wrap to the window (bubbles touching window). *Plant it* Plants need to stay warm in the winter too! Even popped wrap can protect your greenery from the frost and cold. You can easily create a tent or covering for your plants or bushes. BBC's Garden World has a great how-to on creating a bubble wrap green house. *Keep it Cool* Wrap cold drinks up before you head outside on a warm day. An ice pack and some bubble wrap will keep everything in your cooler refreshing this summer when you hit the beach.

Match Week Coming up!

Match Day for Medical Residents is almost here! And once the medical residents have the exciting news that they will be matched in Boston....the first question is: Where should I live?

Match Week for Medical Residents in Boston is just days away. This means that between March 14-March 18th 2011 thousands of new medical residents will be moving to the Boston area to begin working at many of the renowned Boston Hospitals.

Often the first month or two after Match week is a very busy time for real estate in Boston, as medical residents struggle to find affordable housing near the major medical centers.

Which areas will the Boston medical residents and other staff be looking to live in? Many residents are currently asking that same question. If you are a Boston Medical Resident looking for the right neighborhood or someone who is wondering which neighborhoods will soon see more competition as the residents head to Boston to buy or rent a new home, here is a list of popular areas for the Boston Medical Community:

Beacon Hill: Beacon Hill provides a perfect "walk to work" location for residents, doctors, nurses and other support staff of Massachusetts General Hospital. Beacon Hill is an upscale, Colonial style neighborhood which is walkable to MGH and Downtown Boston. Real Estate on Beacon Hill tends to be expensive, but many hospital personnel are willing to make sacrifices to live in this traditional, charming and convenient location.

The South End: The South End is one of Boston's hippest neighborhoods. Many of the newest restaurants and art galleries can be found lining the streets of The Upper South End and The newer SOWA District. Additionally, it is a very convenient place to live for Boston Medical Center Employees. The South End will also show a good deal of renovation since the neighborhood has steadily been gaining popularity over the past 15 years. A brand new development at 691 Massachusetts Ave. in Boston's South End is just a short walk to Boston Medical Center and BU Medical school. This building full of affordable one and two bedroom condominiums will appeal to residents and students alike with its new construction and garage parking!

Longwood Medical Area: The Fenway, Brookline, and Jamaica Plain are all convenient locations for The Longwood Medical Area which includes Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital and others. Many residents of these hospitals may choose to live in one of these locations. Real estate can be more expensive in Brookline, but for those with children it provides and excellent school system near the City. Jamaica Plain is a popular choice as a place to live for those looking for value for their dollar, lots of health food options and some fun independent shopping. The Fenway is a great place to live on The Green Line T. The Fenway is walkable to the medical area. With affordable housing this is a great place to consider for renting or buying near the hospitals.

I scream...You scream...We all scream for Ice Cream!


Did you know that the average resident of Boston consumes twice as much ice cream as the typical US citizen. Summer is just around the corner, and with the hot weather comes cold delicious ice cream. Boston is teaming with all sorts of venues to get everyone's favorite treat. A walk down Newbury street will offer an array of flavors....and now yogurt hits that list.


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