5 Things to do with bubble wrap after you move

*Recycle It* If your city won't pick it up curbside, donate it to your nearest mailbox store. *Mail It* It will come in handy the next time you need to ship something fragile. You can even make your own padded envelopes with it. *Insulate* To get rid of those drafty windows cut a piece of bubble wrap to the exact size of the window. Spray a film of water on the window with a spray bottle. Apply the bubble wrap to the window (bubbles touching window). *Plant it* Plants need to stay warm in the winter too! Even popped wrap can protect your greenery from the frost and cold. You can easily create a tent or covering for your plants or bushes. BBC's Garden World has a great how-to on creating a bubble wrap green house. *Keep it Cool* Wrap cold drinks up before you head outside on a warm day. An ice pack and some bubble wrap will keep everything in your cooler refreshing this summer when you hit the beach.

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