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Renting in Boston? Here's How to Prepare for September 1st

It's here - August 1st, the day when people look at their calendar and realize that the Summer in Boston will soon be coming to an end.  For some, it marks the beginning of school preparations for their children or logistics planning for the holidays, but for Boston renters it means one very important thing: it's time to plan for your September 1st move in.  It's no secret that the Boston real estate market has become increasingly competitive over the last several years, which has forced a number of renters who once hoped to buy condos for sale in South Boston or Back Bay or The South End to put those aspirations on hold and instead continue to rent.  Naturally this has created more competition in the rental market, and thus, has made September 1st, which was already known as the busiest, most chaotic move-out / move-in day for renters in Boston, a true cluster for anyone not fully prepared.  This year, September 1st is on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, so we're reposting a 9/1 move-in checklist so you can get prepared, get moved and get on with your long weekend festivities!  Of course there's the obvious: pack, call about utilities, etc., but there are some other tasks that should definitely be checked off the list sooner rather than later.  Here they are, in order of time sensitivity:

-Secure a U-Haul: There are more than 36,000 students at Boston-based colleges and universities who are renting apartments in Boston neighborhoods.  This number alone makes for a serious crowd of Sept. 1st movers, but throw in the additional renters in and around the city and you've got a number that's staggering.  If you need help moving, be it a truck or a moving service, book it now!  Call your local U-Haul, bribe your friends, whatever it takes to make sure you're not alone, strapping a mattress to the top of your Smart Car on 9/1.  If all the U-Hauls in the city are already taken, look for one outside the city in the suburbs.  Also, check to see if you'll need a parking permit for the moving truck, or if the moving company you're using will secure parking signs from the city.

-Elevator / Loading dock reservations: Condos in Boston often come with rules.  Will you need access to your new building's elevator or loading dock on 9/1?  Chances are, other people will too, so make sure that you reserve your time if required by the building.

-Parking permit:  Will you need a residential sticker in order to park in your new neighborbood?  Better to get it taken care of now so you don't have to deal with a parking ticket on top of all the other stresses that come along with moving day.  Visit for more information about applying for a residential parking pass.

-Door and window measurements: Don't want to saw the legs off your new dining room table?  Better measure the doors and take a look at stairwells to make sure all of your furniture will fit.  In particularly tight situations, some folks will even use cranes to get furniture through windows, so if you'll need a crane, it's better to know that sooner rather than later.  Also, don't forget to measure windows - apartments and condos in Boston don't always offer much privacy, but blinds and window treatments will help.   

-Hire cleaners: Your new place should be relatively clean when you move in, but the previous tenant might not have the same standards for cleanliness so it's always a good idea to hire a cleaner to make your new home feel fresh and inviting.  If possible, book them for early in the morning so they can be in and out before you start your move.

-Key collection: Check with your rental agent for key collection.  When you pick them up, make sure your unit keys also include your mailbox keys.

-Fees: Check to see if your building management company charges a move in or move out fee.

-Trash/Recycling schedules: Moving generates a lot of trash, so it's definitely good to know which days of the week your trash and recycling are picked up.  Here's a link to the trash schedule,

And since September 1st always seems to be one of the hottest days of the Summer, make sure you have plenty of refreshments for you and your friends!

If you have yet to secure a Boston apartment to rent, take a look at our rental listings here, and for more general information about renting or buying real estate in Boston, contact our experts at


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