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Tuesday Tip - Understanding the Importance of a Real Estate Professional

Find a house you like, make an offer, sign some papers...simple, right?  Just the opposite actually.  Buying and selling a home are two of the most complex and emotional events many people face in their lifetime.  Not only is there a huge amount of strategy and negotiation involved, but the process is incredibly nuanced, requiring expertise and finesse to avoid the many common and financially detrimental roadblocks that can pop up along the way.  There are lenders, lawyers, appraisers and inspectors to be dealt with, research to be done, analyses to be prepared, reviews to be conducted and paperwork to be reviewed.  In fact there are hundreds of action items that take place throughout the home buying / selling process, most of which require organization, strategy and exceptional interpersonal skills.  The complexity of the process is only magnified by fluctuating rates and the hyper-competitiveness of the market.  Using an experienced real estate professional is the only way to safely and effectively navigate the process and protect your investment.  Keeping Current Matters highlights some of the reasons for this in a recent blog post, 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional.  Take a look, and let one of our experts know if you have any questions or thoughts.  

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