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Tuesday Tip - Use This Tool to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Last year we posted instructions for removing popcorn ceiling texture with water and a paint scraper.  Turns out there's a faster way to get it done!  This post by Lighter Side of Real Estate shows a video, posted to Facebook, of someone using a drywall sander to remove the texture, eliminating an entire row in less than a minute!  The man in the video does caution that the tool that he uses is rather expensive at $1,500 and a bit heavy when holding over your head for a long period of time, but the post goes on to reference a version of the sander that was found online for $459, as well as an instructional video for how to operate the machine.  Efficiency is critical when taking on a DIY project, so if there's an easier, faster way to get it done without comprimising the quality of the job, then it's definitely worth a try!  

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