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Tuesday Tip - New Décor for a New Year!

Welcoming a New Year tends to inspire people to make changes and jazz things up a bit.  It's the perfect time of year to create a new feel for a particular room in your home, or add the accents that have made it feel incomplete (and as a huge bonus, you'll get great deals on post-holiday sales).   Here are a couple thoughts for how to find inspiration and focus for designing the perfect space.

If you already have a subscription to magazines like House Beautiful or Home & Design Magazine, then you likely already use them for inspiration.  If not, now is a great time to start.  Rip out the pages, circle what you like on them and organize them into categories - kitchen, reds, beach, cottage, etc.  This will help you identify the themes, styles and colors that you're consistently drawn to.

As with everything these days, technology offers a seemingly unlimited number of resources, so while magazines are a great place to start, they don't allow you to refine your search or dig in deeper when you see something you like.  Check out apps like and and blogs like for inspiration and clever ideas.

Once you've gotten a feel for the looks like excite you, find a piece you LOVE to anchor the room. Oftentimes a piece of art or furniture will make the best anchors, but get creative and don't be afraid of color.  The more colors your anchor has, the easier it will be to find things that match it.  Just make sure it effectively establishes the vibe that you want for your room.

Don't feel like in order to create a room that matches you can only shop at one or two similar stores.  That will make your project for more expensive - and more boring.  There's nothing wrong with shopping at Pottery Barn, but do some research and see if you can sprinkle in some good finds from a local thrift shop, or a store that specializes in international décor (bonus points if you find something great while traveling).   Sure, this approach will take more time and effort, but it also guarantees a more eclectic and unique look, plus it makes for better conversation when showing off your new space to friends!

And perhaps most important, be patient.  Oftentimes the best-decorated rooms sat unfinished for some time.  Inevitably you'll be eager to complete your project, but being impatient will leave you making hasty decisions and spending money on pieces you're not completely in love with.  Your best rooms will be a reflection of your personality, so make sure you're completely invested in everything you put into it!

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