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Moving Tips for Labor Day

It ?s almost here: Septmeber 1st, the big moving day in Boston! We have rented apartments for 30 years and know exactly what you should keep in mind when moving this coming Monday! We also know, that it can be a little overwhelming...

In order to make your move as smooth as possible, we put together the most important tips for you:

  1. By now, you have probably already reserved a truck for Monday. Do yourself a favor and call up the rental office to confirm the reservation. The last thing you want is the office messing up your reservation and not having a truck available when you need it.
  2. Have friends and family help you! Many hands make light work. The more people there are working together, the sooner you'll be sitting on the couch with a glass of wine enjoying your new home! Don ?t forget to acknowledge their help though. Pizza and beer are the standard method of bribery, but if you hold out the prospect of something more valuable to them (like watching their kids/inviting them to the movies some time), they tend to work faster.
  3. Document any damage in the apartment you ?re moving out of! You have probably made a few scuffs and scratches here and there, but you don ?t want your security deposit docked because the next tenant puts a hole in the wall while moving in. They will be able to report any damage in the first 15 days of living in your old place and have it pinned on you. So, get your smart-phone out and take pictures or even a video of your old place before returning the keys to your landlord!
  4. If you usually park your car on the streets in Boston, move it on Sunday night. About 90% of the people who will be driving all those moving trucks on monday have never done it before. You won ?t believe how many smashed, scratched and dented cars you can see in the streets on September 2nd. Park your car in a parking lot or somewhere else off the streets just to be safe!
  5. Prepare for the weather! According to Google, there ?s a 20% chance of rain on Monday. This doesn ?t sounds too bad, but if it does rain, you'll wish you prepared for it.

Keeping all those important tips in mind, you should be good to go! Monday will be a long day, but when you ?ve mastered the move, you will be more than happy! We wish you all the best for the first year in your new apartment and want to congratualte you on your new home!

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