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The Final Walk-Through

What to Know Before Closing

photo via Zillow

The final walk-through is one of the most crucial parts of the home buying/selling process because it's the final inspection to see if everything is agreeable before closing. This is generally done a few days prior to closing and it is important to note that this isn't a home inspection. All agreed upon repairs should be completed by the final walk-through, so this is the buyers chance to see if everything in the contract is complete. Buyers should always attend a final walk-through to make sure what they're buying is what they were sold on. Here's some things to consider on the final walk-though:

Bring the contract: Bring the contract to make sure there is a list of terms agreed upon by both parties this way there is a reference for any disputes.

Check everything, and I mean everything: Make sure to check every little thing no matter how small. Make sure the appliances, heat, and toilets are working. Check the walls, ceilings, and floors for any damage. Lastly, make a checklist so you remember to check each item.

Make sure all agreed upon repairs are made: Another reason why bringing the contract and checking everything is important. All repairs that were agreed upon should be made prior to closing.

Nothing should be removed that isn't supposed to: Look to make sure the seller hasn't taken anything they shouldn't have such as: plants, lighting fixtures, or anything else.

Hopefully the final walk-through will be accomplished without any problems, but what if there is something wrong? If there's something wrong, tell your Realtor® and they will get it cleared up before the closing.

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