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What's a Loft?

An example of the loft layout.

Lofts have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their distinct appeal to certain buyers and renters. But what makes a loft? What's the difference between a loft and an apartment? Or a loft and a studio?

Originally, lofts were cheap places for impoverished artist to live and work. Lofts originated in New York City after World War II where artists used abandoned infrastructures to begin developing these living spaces. Not only are lofts used as a living space, but they often function as a work spaces as well.

Lofts reuse and adapt abandoned spaces, often bringing residences and art to unused urban areas. One of the major benefits that lofts present to owners is the ability to be flexible with arranging the living space. Due to the open space concept there are few limitations to the feng shui of a loft's furniture.

Difference Between a Loft and Apartment: Some believe that lofts are just unfinished apartments, but they're more than that. While apartments allow for separation with defined rooms, lofts make the most out of the open space layout.

Difference between a Loft and Studio: Lofts and studios both fall under the same open space living concept, yet lofts offer more space than cozy studios. In addition to the size difference there are structural contrasts that differentiate the two. A final distinction between the two is the cost, lofts are generally more expensive than studios.

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