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Odd Cleaning Tips that Work!

In honor of a little Spring cleaning, here a list of crazy cleaning tips that really work!

  1. Wash Tupperware containers with baking soda and hot water so they don't smell like previously stored food.
  2. Use a lint roller to clean cloth lamp shades
  3. Don't bother buying a dusting mitt- use an old sock
  4. To remove hardened wax from your tablecloths place a paper towel or brown paper bag over the spill spot and iron over it. The paper will absorb the melted wax and leave your iron, and your tablecloth, clean.
  5. Use a wet rubber dishwashing glove to wipe animal hair off of furniture.
  6. Foaming shaving cream is said to help remove wine stains from the carpet.
  7. Use white bread to dust an oil painting! It may sound weird but gently dabbing a slice over the painting will absorb dirt and grime.
  8. Use hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip to disinfect a keyboard
  9. Rubbing alcohol helps remove permanent marker from wood or countertops.
  10. Vegetable oil can shine up leather shoes.
  11. Grab a hotel shower cap to wrap your dirty shoes before packing them into a suitcase.
  12. Use a hair iron to press the hard-to-reach parts of a shirt, such as in between buttons
  13. Rubbing a lemon, cut in half, helps remove stains from a cutting board.
  14. Bobby pins can hold together pleats while ironing
  15. Use a turkey baster to change the water in a vase of flowers.

And finally, our favorite winter cleaning tip:

16. Apply a lot of cooking spray to a snow shovel- the snow will slide off and not build up on the shovel!

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