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Staying Warm at Home During a Chilly Boston Winter

It's chilly out there this week for Bostonians. Rather than cranking up the heat (and your bill!) check out some of these tips for staying cozy in your Boston home:

  1. Avoid using your kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans, which can drain your house of its heat in a very short period of time- especially when left on too long.
  2. Take advantage of a sunny day! Leave open your curtains and blinds and let the sun pour in for some natural heat.
  3. Seal your windows with adhesive or invest in storm windows to prevent small drafts, which can creep in and chill you to the bone.
  4. Similarly, don't forget to weatherstrip your doors
  5. Think of buying a warm mist humidifier. Not only is it a safe alternative to a space heater, it also will help to get rid of that pesky static electricity in the air.
  6. Close off the doors to unused rooms to condense the hot air to just your daily living space.
  7. Invest in a stylish rug or carpet, which not only will add some flair to your pad, but also prevents heat loss through the floors. As an added bonus, the rug also allows you to walk around your place barefoot without getting the chills.
  8. Throw a dinner party! Cooking lets the stove heat up your kitchen, and warm bodies hanging around will also liven things up.
  9. Take a warm bath with some candles. While it's minimal, candles throw off some heat and this is a great way to relax after a long day.
  10. Exercise! Turn on some tunes and get ready for bathing suit season by doing workouts at home. In fact, it will even save you from freezing on the way to the gym.

...and when all else fails, throw on some cozy sweats and a sweater and hunker down to wait it out.

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