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What you can and can't do to your apartment

Want to dress up your white walls?

Chances are if you've been renting in Boston, then your lease started September 1st.  By now you've settled in and your apartment feels like home, as it should. But there's also a chance you're feeling a bit bored with the white walls and the overall plainness of your space, which is understandable. Unfortunately you're afraid to decorate because you're not sure what you're allowed to alter, can you paint the walls, can you hang up family photos, use thumbtacks, or nails?

You may not be sure what things would be considered "damages" in the eyes of your landlord... but you just can't deal with the dull undecorated apartment.  So the first thing to do to solve your boredom is check your lease. See what you're not allowed to do, and if any of the language is confusing, speak with your landlord and don't be afraid to ask questions. This is one of those cases where it is much better to be safe the sorry.  The last thing you need is to start nailing pictures to the wall and realize when your lease is up that your landlord won't refund your security deposit.

After you've learned what is allowed and what is not allowed, proceed with caution. Don't do anything that would seem excessive. If you can paint your walls then go for it, but it's probably best to not also paint your cabinets. Do exactly what is permitted and nothing more. You just need to be careful.

If you find yourself in the situation where you're not allowed to paint or hang things up, there are alternatives. You can purchase some very affordable adhesive strips that can hold up almost anything if you can't nail, screw, or thumbtack it.  Also don't be afraid of purchasing wall decals. While some decals look like they belong in a dorm room or a children's bedroom other decals can be just what you need to dress up a space.

So if you're beginning to get the decorating itch do some research and then decorate to your heart's content!

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