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Starter Homes in Boston

Recently posted a very brief post ragarding starter homes.  What they didn't address specifically, are starter homes here in Boston. While, they did speak to the more suburban single families homes, that seem to be on the decline, and spoke to the trend of condos on the upswing, Boston is obviously very different.

Decades ago in Boston the modest single family home became a myth. We've become a city of condos and apartments, as most major cities have. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, but it does mean a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to a starter home. The simple fact that property values are so much higher in Boston immediately alters the idea of a true starter home. You won't have that suburban ranch or that cute backyard, that must be accepted whether this is your first home or your tenth home in Boston.

The great opportunity in Boston however is the mortgage rates. While you may not be buying a 3-bedroom condo, purchasing a studio with office space could be a whole lot cheaper than your rent when you're considering this on a monthly basis. If you plan to be in Boston for a while there's nothing wrong with purchasing a smaller place as your starter home and paying far less for your mortgage than you ever would have for a rental.  It's all about weighing your options and considering how long you plan to be in Boston and the money you're willing to spend.

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