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Decorating a Nursery

I've been reading through our old blog posts, and I was also thinking about reasons why people decide to move and sell or buy new homes, and it hit me... expanding families are a major reason why people move.  However we've never addressed this!

So once you have your new home, it's time to start thinking about a nursery and creating the perfect room for your child. I've rounded up some tips and ideas to help with decorating the exciting new space:

-As we all know, nurseries and all baby colors tend to be pastles, calming and reassuring, but this is actualy because babies can only see in black and white. As their eyes develop the next color they can see is red, but bright colors can be confusing and unsettling to them, so sticking with light yellows, baby blues, and gentle pinks is your best bet. They're subtle and calming color schemes to help your baby rest.

- Chalkboard and whiteboard paints are a great way to add something a little different to a children's room. Although a nursery may seem a little young, often times you need a room that they'll grow into and having a chalkboard wall or whiteboard dresser can make the room a fun and interactive place.

- Wall decals of simple things like trees or cute animals can spruce up a space and make for easy redecorating with age. Picking a gender neutral color and putting up wall decals will allow for the room to evolve. In the end you just have basic painted walls but you can change out the decals as your baby grows up or even if you decide to switch rooms around you won't have to worry about the paint job.

-In the end a nursery is a room for your child to grown and learn in, and lots of growing and learning means lots of dirt and messes, so try to make as many items and surfaces in the room washable. Consider what things can just be sprayed down or tossed in the washing machine and what things would take a bit more cleaning to maintain.

I hope these tips are helpful as you begin the exciting journey with not only a new home, but a new family member!

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