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Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which is used to create positive energy in space based on the spacial relation of the home and the colors, light, and air in a given space. Many people both within Asian cultures and simply those looking to refresh their lives have taken to feng shui in their homes.

Essentially Feng Shui is a minimalist approach to decorating which is believed to change the energy of a home. In turn this positive energy is reflected in those that live in the home. Without all the clutter of everyday things like mail on the counter, magazines sprawled across the coffee table, and dog toys on the ground, you can live a less stressful life.

Here are a few simple and basic ways to Feng Shui your home!

1. Open the windows often and allow for plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight. Even adding full-spectum lights could be helpful. This promotes good feng shui energy, it brightens the home and the fresh air never hurt anyone.
2. Clear out clutter, feng shui is a very minimalist approach as stated earlier.  The process of cleaning out clutter is believed to cleanse the space and the person doing the cleaning. It goes along with the idea that we just can't think clearly when surrounded by all the clutter and junk of everyday life, so just get rid of it. Remove anything that is not absolutely necessary in the space.
3. Incorporate the 5 feng shui elements into you home, through color. Different colors in your home correspond with different natural elements. These symbolic colors and elements are believed to bring wealth and serenity to those in the home. Beyond this it gives you a reason to include a whole range of color into your home!
Color and element key:
-wood: green, brown
-fire: red, strong, bright/strong yellows, orange, purple, pink
-earth: light yellow, sandy earthy tones/colors, light brown
-metal: white, gray
-water: blue, black

These are just some basic and very straight forward tips to help you as you try to settle into your new home, or even as you try to stage your old home for sale!

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