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September First is Beckoning

Your immediate thoughts when reading the words "September First" are probably "Whoa hold up! It's still July" but honestly as scary and dreadful as it might sound, September 1st is not all that far away. If you're looking to rent, you now have about a month to find a place. Of course the infamous date is the beginning of a majority of the leases in this city, and the big move-in day for everyone. So right now you're either shopping for apartments or shopping for furnishings for your apartment, either way September 1st is your big day! Here are some tips for those of you that are counting down or dreading the big day!

1) Find out about parking at your new pad- You can't bring that mattress, couch, or table on the T, so you're going to need to find a car. Whether you already have your own ride, a friend's car, or you're renting a zip car or U-haul for the day, you'll still need to find a convenient place to park. On any other day you might not care how far away you park but when you're hauling everything from your car to your apartment you're going to want to make sure you're parked close. Find out from your landlord or management company about the way parking works, especially for move-in and move out. Are there spaces for you behind your place, parking spaces you can book for the day, meter parking? These are things to know before you show up with all your stuff.

2)Book your movers now- You certainly can't book movers last minute if you plan to move on the first, so book them as early as possible. Make sure to also pack for your movers, they're not there to do the packing for you and chances are you won't like the way they pack away your four old iPods and your grandmother's quilt. So be ready for the movers and book them ASAP, maybe even now. There's nothing like being prepared.

4) Pack clothing in trash bags- Trash bags are a lot easier to carry than boxes and eliminate some of the awkward bulk. You don't need to worry about dropping your bag of clothes because it will just gracefully bounce down your stairs when you're hauling them up your walk-up building. There will be no harm done to anything and you can just toss the trash bags out when your done, or better yet put them aside and use them for their original use, as trash bags!

5) Downsizing- Even if your new apartment is bigger than your last place you should really go through as you pack and eliminate anything you don't want. Donate it to charity, put it on eBay, or find a friend that wants whatever it may be. The chances are you will want new furniture and knick-knacks for your apartment anyway, so don't be afraid to part with things. The last thing you want to do is move it all out and move it all back in to your new place just to throw it out.

If you're still looking to find a place for September 1st, it's not too late! You can always check our rental page for tips on renting and to search all the Boston listings!

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