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Decorating with Flowers and Florals

It's Valentines Day and that means all the good things of life like love, chocolate, hearts, cute cards, and flowers are all around today. So we wanted to take a moment and embrace all the wonderful bouquets and flowers that are being given and received today.  But the best thing about flowers are that they're not just for February 14th, they're good any time of year, and anywhere.

Flowers might even be best when it comes to decorating your home.  Flowers and floral prints are always a nice way to add some personality to any space. Here are some ways that we've found to incorporate flowers into your home:

1. Change your flowers with the seasons

Every room looks a little bit better with a bouquet but sometimes it is nice to change it up.  Placing different flowers for each season in different rooms of the house will give your home a whole new feel four times a year.  Deep roses in the winter months, Sunflowers in the fall, lilacs and bright lilies in the spring, and vibrant wildflowers in the summer will change the look and feel of any room.

2. Floral Print carpet

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but so are floral rugs.  What's great about floral rugs is the wide variety.  Floral doesn't mean it has to be overly feminine or busy and overwhemling.  Floral rugs can come in simple patterns, victorian styles, bold and bright, or calm and subdued looks. There is a floral carpet out there for everyone, and it can really warm up a home.

3. Floral Pillow cases

No need to make the all the furniture floral but add some pop to the typical living room and couch with some fun pillow cases. Once again florals come in any style imaginable.  You might even want to keep some different pillow cases and covers on hand, so when you're tired of one floral print you can move on to the next!

4. Flower window boxes

Once you've brighten up the interior, time to add a little bit of life to the exterior of your home. Window boxes add an element of versatility to your home.  Changing with the seasons and offering you a way to personalize your home, window boxes are quick and easy to maintain. Whether your live in the suburbs or right in the middle of the city, window boxes are great for any style home. It will help you stick out from the other white picket fence homes or add a little bit of wildlife to your townhouse.

5. Floral Tablecloths

They're quick and they're temporary! It takes all of 5 seconds to change your tablecloth and make a dinner casual or formal based on your choice of floral prints. Make it springy or summery, make your dining room whatever you'd like with your choice of florals.

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