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Is it Really Time for Magic-Makers?

Recently I watched a documentary on the History Channel about the dust bowl during the Great Depression, called Black Blizzards. I learned that when a town was desperate enough for rain its officials would gather everyone's last pennies and spend them on self-proclaimed 'rain-makers.' These 'rain-makers' would come to town and use different forms of magic or science claiming that it will bring rain despite the drought. Of course, nothing of what they did actually brought rain. Sometimes the rain-makers and town got lucky, but there is very little, if not nothing, to prove that the relationship between the rain-makers' demonstrations and the rain itself was causal.

However, it is an interesting commentary on human behavior that when there are no obvious solutions to a devastating problem, that magic is called.

We are all aware of the state of the real estate market. While the economy is said to be recovering, people are still arguing that the housing market is uncertain at best. Therefore, it should not come as too large of a surprise to read in The Boston Globe that real estate professionals are starting to turn to witches to bless the houses before trying to sell them.

Personally, I think that it is a wasted effort, it is not witches that will bring back a booming real estate market in this country. What do you think? Is there something to be said for the supernatural?

(Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe)

Read more here, and the photocredit:

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