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Is it Spring Yet?

Isn't it exciting when you see the first buds on trees in February after a winter that you never thought would end? Nothing says spring like flowers. As the light at the end of this winter appears, I find myself looking out for flowers. They are good for gardening and perfect for lightening up a dining or living room after such a snowy winter.

Boston is full of beautiful florists that are working hard to keep this city full of blooms regardless of the season. The annual Boston Flower & Garden show is coming up in March. Entry requires a ticket, but it might provide a great excuse to surround yourself with beautiful floral arrangements and plant life like this:

That is great, except if you're like me, and tend to be remarkably good at allowing flowers to die. Or perhaps, you get a little down when you have to throw away your Valentine's bouquet because all the flowers are dead. Right here in the Boston area is company called Paper, Gowns and Glory who does, among other things, lovely paper flowers and arrangements like the one below here:

Flowers say a lot of things: I love you, I'm sorry, Congratulations, etc. but right now, when I see flowers they say one thing: spring is finally almost here! And that is all that I need to hear to be happy.

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