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Winter is not quite over yet...

Don't let the near-60 degree temperatures today make you think winter is over. It's back down into the 20s tonight, without anymore "seasonal" conditions in the foreseeable future.

Wouldn't it be nice to use the bitter cold and abundance of snow to your advantage instead of just being annoyed by it? It is easy to get mad at the snow, but I promise you that when we are entering our 10th week in a row with temperatures above 90 degrees this August, you'll wish that you had some snow to play in!

So, before it all goes away, find out what you can do to enjoy the rest of this winter. offers a great interactive site where you can get the "cool" places for some fun in this cold.

Let us know if they left anything out? Besides St. Lucia, where are you planning on enjoying the rest of this never-ending winter?

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