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Blog :: 02-2012

Famous Friday- What Celebrity would you want to be your neighbor?

We're starting up another new tradition for Fridays! It's Famous Friday where we post a question or facts or anything fun about celebrity homes and lifestyles that might pertain to real estate.  We figure it's the end of the week so why not dream a little bit about being a celebrity, right?

So today we found the results of a poll conducted by Zillow.  They surveyed people asking what celebrity they would most like to have as their neighbor and what celebrities they would hate to have as a neighbor. So we're asking you what celebrities would you like to have as your neighbor?  Tweet at us or write on our Facebook wall, we want to hear what you think and we'll be posting the results of the Zillow poll.

Also the answer to yesterday's "true or false" was FALSE. Tom Brady does NOT have a scaled down practice field in his new home.


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Tom and Gisele's Brand New Place (True or False Thursday)

Tom Brady and Gisele's brand new $20 million mansion.

Tom Brady and Gisele's new mansion is officially finished and it even includes a proportionately scaled down indoor practice field for Tom to toss the ball on. True or False?

We're rolling out a new Thursday tradition, True or False Thursdays.  Every Thursday we'll post a fact about a home, a property, or something relevant to the real estate world, but that fact may not always be we're going to ask you what you think and we'll post an answer either later Thursday or sometime early on Friday. Feel free to tweet at us or respond on Facebook!


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Welcome to Twitter Tuesdays

Welcome to the kick off of Twitter Tuesdays!  Starting today until the end of time we will be celebrating Twitter Tuesday.  We want to know your thoughts on all things Boston and real estate related so make sure to follow us at @charlesrealty.  We'd love to hear from you!

We've had our twitter account for a while now and we've been posting stories and information like crazy, but our favorite part about our account is that it allows us to interact with you.  We can see what you're thinking and tweeting and you can tell us directly what you're thinking. Having a conversation with our clients, Boston area residents, or anyone on the real estate scene means a lot to us.  It's fun and allows us to learn all sorts of things about our readers and clients.  Anytime you find an interesting story feel free to share it with us, because we'd love to get the newest news and know what's interesting to you!

Here is today's Twitter Tuesday Poll:

Answer us on twitter! If given $10,000 what's one thing you would update at home? a) kitchen b) bath c) furniture d) flooring e) other, elaborate!

Don't forget to use our hashtag #TwitterTuesday


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